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MFG. / mobile home HVAC equipment is it different than most site built homes 


The primary difference between a mobile/MFG. home furnace/FAU,

 and a furnace designed for a site-built home is the way the furnace is ducted, vented, and installed.

The ducting in a mobile home is smaller and therefore more restrictive,

so the furnace blower must be designed to overcome the greater resistance to airflow.

This ensures proper air delivery from each supply register.

Standard furnaces will not provide the rated air delivery in a mobile home application.

Your new mobile/MFG. home furnace also uses a venting design known as "sealed combustion"

which safely draws combustion air from outside to minimize noise and drafts.

Finally, the return air is drawn through a louvered grill on the front of the furnace,

without the need for return ducting (ductless return air system).

The return air on a standard furnace is drawn from the top (or bottom) and must be ducted from remote interior location.

Standard site built furnaces  are usually not designed or rated for use in mobile homes

and can be unsafe if an attempt is made to use them improperly.

All furnaces and equipment in this category are design-specific for use in mobile/MFG. applications.